Engaging in ecological redirection in organizations and territories

Special edition “Engaging in ecological redirection in organizations and territories”

What is ecological redirection? Any method for engaging in ecological redirection?  Why talk about redirection rather than transition, sustainable development, or corporate social responsibility? How can this new approach be useful to better consider planetary limits and deal with the situation of the Anthropocene? Which organizations and local communities are already exploring this new way of designing strategies and public policies?


This issue was produced in partnership with the 26 students of the 2020-2021 class of the MSc “Strategy and Design for the Anthropocene”. This training, which is unique in France, prepares the future generation of “redirectionists” in companies, public organizations and in the regions.

It contains feature articles on the theme of ecological redirection. It also includes examples of redirection work, including one dealing with the renunciation of sports infrastructures and new construction.

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