Learn from the COVID-19 crisis to better prepare for the climate challenge

The Covid19 health crisis reminded us of the systemic nature of the major issues of our time.

The APCC memo, to which PRAXILIENCE contributed, proposes measures to make the actions of professionals in climate, energy and environment consulting more effective. One of the proposal is about developing a culture of prevention and risk management in a systemic approach.


The professionals in climate, energy and environment consultancy, brought together within the APCC (Association of Professionals in Climate Energy and Environment Consulting), provide daily support to private companies, public structures, local authorities and territories. Their mission is to identify risks, in particular regarding energy and climate issues, anticipate them and prepare to face them.

The current health crisis challenges us with its brutality and reminds us that the major problems of our time (climate change, energy, environment, health, food security, deforestation and globalization of production) cannot be understood in isolation. They are systemic, interconnected and interdependent. Our society is little trained to understand this type of problem.

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Tirer les enseignements de la crise du COVID-19 pour mieux se préparer au défi climatique

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